Pagan Family Values

Author: Parker Torrence, of the DraigSidhe

We hear a lot about “Family Values” in the media. Most often the phrase is coming out of the mouth of some politician running for election, or being spouted by religious fundamentalist. So, just what are “Family Values?” I asked that question on an email list not too long ago, and received a number of interesting, and well thought replies. What follows is not so much a summation of those replies, but more my own thoughts on this subject.

“Pagan Family Values” fall into three section, Responsibility, Respect, and Honor.


Responsibility for your actions

Responsibility to your family

Responsibility to your path (Craft teachings)


Respect for yourself

Respect for your Elders (parents and Craft)

Respect for your environment (the land and those around you)


Honor yourself (act with honor)

Honor your teachers (both school and Craft Elders)

Honor the gods