The True Story of the Inverted Pentagram
( and how it is related to goats )

by St.Parker the Wiser

Way back in the mist of time, there were three types of peoples, the city folk (who have almost nothing to do with this tale), the farmers (also known as pagans) and the herders (also known as the followers of the one god). Now one of the things that the herders herded was goats. One thing that you should understand about goats is that when they graze, the eat everything down to the surface. As you might imagine this is not very healthy for crops. One or two goats get into a field and months of soil-toil can be found replaced by a few piles of post goat digestive format plant life.

Now the farmers being wise in the ways of magick, called upon their elders for a symbol to keep the goats at bay. They were given a glyph that looked in some ways like a crude goat head (yes, what we call today an inverted pentagram). These goat-hex glyph signs where then posted at the edges of the farmerís fields. If it worked, the magick would keep the herders and the goats out of the crop fields. Just to make sure that the herders got the message, anytime a goat did get past the magick of the goat-hex glyph, the farmers would cut off the goatís head and put it on a stake next to the goat-hex glyph signs at the edge of their fields. (The farmers viewed these few stray goats as gifts from the goddess and feasted upon the goat meat with much joy).

At first the herders were puzzled, their goats would graze up to the edge of these lush fields then upon seeing one of the goat-hex glyph signs the goats would bolt away as if being chased by demons. In the mind of the herders, there was only one answer. These goat-hex glyph symbol people (the farmers) must be children of the evil one (as defined by the herderís world-view belief system).

Time passed, both the farmers, and the herders traded with the city-folk. As we know meat brings a better price then grapes or beans, so you know who became wealthier over time. Also, when the farmers had children, they liked to keep their children on the farm (the logic being, more children, more hands to plant crops, more crops grown, more grapes and beans to sell at market to the city-folk). While the herders had a different view on this. When the herders had daughters, just like their goats and sheep, they also sold their daughters to the city-folk. In time, more and more of the city-folk could trace back in their line one or more mothers that were once daughters of herders.

As everyone knows, until a child is old enough to learn a trade, they are taught by their mothers or their motherís servants (who once were daughters of herders before their fathers sold them). So guess what world-view belief system children were being taught? Thatís right, the world-view belief system of the herders.

Jump ahead in time, now some smart city-folk decides to write the history of the world. Does he go out into the fields and ask the farmers what the goat-hex glyph sign means? Not on your life, he sits their drinking his wine (made from the farmerís grapes) and writes that the goat-hex glyph is an inverted pentagram and anyone who displays it is a child of the evil one. Why does he write this? Because his mother taught him that world-view belief system, so it must be true.

So now you know the real story about the inverted pentagram. To test the truth of this tale, some Sunday make yourself a goat-hex glyph sign and go walk around the streets of your city. Any one who runs away screaming, or just glares at you with the look of fear in their eyes, has the blood of one or more herders in their family tree.