Three Faces, Four Quarters & the Moon

by Parker Torrence

In 1995 while on Diego Garcia (BIOT), I was awoken a number times with the same dream/vision. I did what anyone would do, I wrote it down. Now in 2002 I have again been bothered with that same piece of information, so again I am seeking to place it into a form that can be understood by others.

If the Goddess has three faces, why do we divide her moon by quarters? This has always been one of those questions that floated someplace near the surface of my occult mind. I feel that the commonly accepted method of using the moon phases in magick leaves a lot for improvement. Although I can not claim that the system I am about to put forth is the most advantages. It does have a sound logical basis and I am putting it down so that I can get a good night’s sleep.

    To understand this system, the following are deemed to be truths:

  1. The Moon is a physical reflection of the Goddess and as such has certain imbued powers.
  2. The Goddess has three faces, these being the Maiden, Mother and Crone.
  3. A complete “lunation” (one lunar cycle) has an average duration of 29.5 days.
  4. The percent of the Moon’s surface illuminated at the New Moon is 0%; and at the Full Moon it is 100%.

Before we go too far into this system you might whish to visit this link about Moon Phases and write down the day of the next two New Moons and the Full Moon that falls between them. For this example I will be using the information for July of 2002. The first New Moon is on July 10th, the Full Moon is on July 24th, and the second New Moon is on August 8th.

The first step is to take the day before, the day of, and the day after the New Moons and set them aside. In our example these would be July 9, 10 and 11 for the first New Moon, and August 7, 8 and 9 for our second New Moon. (I will come back to these).

The second step is to go to the date of the Full Moon and count four days before and four days after. This creates a block of 9 days. In our example this would be July 20 to 23 before the Full Moon, and July 25 to 28 after the Full Moon. Or July 20 to 28 for the whole block. This group of 9 days is called the Mother’s reign. Now if we look above to the information we set aside before, you can see that we have two blocks of days that are so far unaccounted for. The first of these is July 12 to 19, and the other is July 29 to August 6. The days from July 12 to 19 are called the Maiden’s reign, and those from July 29 to August 6 are the Crone’s reign. The three days of the New Moon are called, the Dark Crone, the Dark Mother, and the Dark Maiden.

Looking at this in prospective we have in our example
July 9 the Dark Crone (day before the New Moon)
July 10 the Dark Mother (day of the New Moon)
July 11 the Dark Maiden (day after the New Moon)
July 12 to 19 the Maiden’s reign
July 20 to 28 the Mother’s reign (four days before to four days after the Full Moon)
July 29 to August 6 the Crone’s reign
August 7 the Dark Crone (day before the New Moon)
August 8 the Dark Mother (day of the New Moon)
August 9 the Dark Maiden (day after the New Moon)
Note that the number of days in the Maiden’s reign and the Crone’s reign will vary depending upon the time of year.

So what was the point of doing all of that? By better understanding the aspect of the Goddess that is being reflected by the Moon, you should be able to enhance your magick to be more intune with the nature of the energy that is flowing through the night sky.