What Color is Your Trad?

by St.Parker

Are you BTW? Or are you Neo-Eclectic-American Wiccan-Pagan with a twist of lemon on the side? Or could it be that you are following your own path and have no need for a box to place it in?

No Matter what path or trad you follow, we all take pride in that choice and many can get very upset when others misunderstand, misrepresent, or even misuse their paths name.

Emotions can surface from the simple “all pagans believe” or “we wiccans” statements to the more complex (from an outsiders perspective) Traditional vs. Traditionalist vs. Tradition conversations that can surface from time to time.

Granted that Gardner founded Wicca some 50 years ago, and granted that in the past 30 years many groups have taken the term “Wicca” as part of their path name. Does that make them all wiccan?

So who is the ultimate authority on what or who is Wiccan? We know it is not Hollywood and Llewellyn, if they ever knew, they have blurred the edges to a point where it would be hard for anyone to believe them.

Should there be an International Council of Wicca to review claims to the name wicca and place it in a category of validness? They could have a scale of 1 to 9, with 9 being pure Gardnerian and 1 being so far away if it was not for the name, no one would know. Would that, could that settle the disagreements?

So first we establish the International Council of Wicca, and then we would have to turn Arwen Nightstar’s “Wiccan Police” from a writing metaphor to an active group of men and women patrolling the world seeking Wicca name use violators.

What would they do with the violators once they are located? Strip them of their Athames and toss them into wiccan jail? Better yet, send them to work for Llewelleyn.

Maybe if Gardner had trade marked the name Wicca this would not be an issue, but he didn’t so this issue is here and it looks like it is here for the long run. So to those “of the Wicca” from one who is not, good luck in protecting your name, unless something changes, you will need it.

Copyright © Nov. 29, 2001 by Parker J. Torrence. All Rights Reserved.